Don't just cover it up with polish, clean it up with NonyX Nail Gel.
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Don't just polish color over, demolish the discolor under!
NonyX Nail Gel is safe, even for diabetics.

NonyX® Nail Gel (pronounced "Non-X") clears out discoloring keratin debris under the nail. Apply to dark or yellowed nails. Nail discoloration is actually keratin debris build-up under the nail. NonyX Nail Gel breaks down and removes this yellow or darkened build-up and keeps nails looking clear and attractive with regular use.

  • Clears out yellowing keratin debris buildup from under toenails
  • Safe, even for diabetics
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Nails with keratin debris before using
NonyX Nail Gel

Nails without keratin debris after using
NonyX Nail Gel

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What NonyX Gel Users are saying

  • … For years I have tried anything commercial or home made that would even possibly make my ugly,..toenails look better. When I saw Nonyx nail gel on the shelf, I was willing to try it. Lo and behold, after following the instructions, I entered into Spring with 'normal" nails. I am 67 years old and am now proud to wear sandals to show my pretty feet. Thank you, Sincerely, Lynn, by email
  • I must say I was not about to pay $25 dollars for this product but since you would give me my money back if I didn't like it I thought I would give it a try. It is amazing! Well worth the money to be able to wear open toed shoes again with no shame! Thank you so much! Posted on KudosWorks, Genuosity Inc.
  • I can't believe how great nonyx is working. For years I have had this problem…. Well I have been using Nonyx for about 12 weeks and there is such a difference. It still has a lot of growing to do because there was only ½ a nail left and it's not discolored anymore. I was embarrassed to wear open toed shoes and was afraid people would faint when they saw it. …Thank you for making me feel like I control of at least one thing in my life and again, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! PS. Yeah, I can war flip flops!!!!!!!! Sincerely, C. A. I., Jacksonville, FL
  • I am sending you a note to let you know how much I like this product. I have tried so many others over the years… Thank you for making a natural and safe product that works. My sister has tried it and it is working for her also. Thanks again. Sincerely, Marie, By email
  • NonyX is awesome. A tree truck fell on my toenail years ago and later I dropped a plate on it. It has been yellow and brittle for years. I covered it with an artificial nail for 25 years. When I saw NonyX Nail Gel in a drugstore I decided to buy it even thought it was expensive. My toenail was so ugly I still had to cover it in red polish but I got the gel under the nail tip and around the cuticle. I pushed a wooden stick around cuticle daily and applied the gel there and over the polish, too. I also removed the yellow keratin debris when I could from under the toenail with the stick. I confess that I hated to see my toenail so I rarely removed the polish. But when I took the polish off today my toenail is clear!!! I am so amazed. I had to call. I have dreaded looking at my toenail and today I made my daughter look - unbelievable! I can go sandals now which I never could in 20 years - and go outside with no polish at all!! Now I'm going to buy me some clear polish!! D. K., Detroit, by telephone
  • I just wanted to thank you for helping me…. I had a huge problem with all of my toes on both feet…. now my toes look better than my wife's toes. Well almost. My toes look great and I just wanted to thank you. I'm considering using your CalleX product too as my feet are so dry & cracking all the time. I can't wait to use it! Thanks! W. F., by email.
  • I bought this 4 oz bottle of NONYX from a local CVS. This is the most wonderful stuff I've ever used. To me it's just total Happiness in a bottle.I used NONYX and its such a big difference, you wouldn't believe it. I only wish I would have taken a picture before and after. I will tell everyone about this and you really do need to Advertise this. I had never even heard of it. Anyone and everyone that has problems like I did really needs to know more about this stuff. I really can't tell you enough just how great NONYX really is. Now I'm not ashamed to wear toe-less shoes. Thanks A Million K. S., Dry Fork, VA, by letter
  • I was skeptical at first when I saw this product, especially with the $25 price tag. However, with three toes on my right foot that have been yucky for years (the third toe for over 15 years), I was getting desperate. I was tired of the comments by pedicurists, and always having to have my toenails painted. Now, nine months later, I am thrilled. Best $25 I have spent in a long time. I recommend putting a band-aid over the area you are treating -- helps the gel stay on better!  A. C., South Carolina, Posted on KudosWorks
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